The Faba Factory platform

Isn’t it strange that the Dutch field bean is being used to feed livestock, while it is rich in protein, making it an excellent meat replacement? The Faba Factory platform, an initiative by Katja Gruijters with BOON Food Concepts, aims to make the field bean available for human consumption. The first products will be presented during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in October 2020.

Simplifying the food chain
With the Faba Factory, we strive to take the link ‘meat’ from the food chain and put the field bean straight from the land onto the table. At the moment, the field bean is a virtual stranger in Dutch kitchens. Reason for Katja Gruijters and BOON to create an inspiring platform, bringing together science, creativity, agriculture and business to work on new, delicious products.

Because there is no frame of reference for the field bean, this requires a lot of research and creativity. The field bean needs to acquire an identity for the Dutch consumer, an identity created by researching its origins, for example. We have already discovered that the broad bean is the field bean’s green, bitter cousin. But there are many more stories to be told, and the Faba Factory platform is going to facilitate this.

The Faba Factory is still in its concept stage, but has developed some concrete products. Faba Tofu is made from field beans and features a fun field bean pattern. In the future, consumers will be able to make their own field bean tofu using the Faba Tofu Kit. For the Faba Factory’s festive launch, we are developing Faba Beer, only available during the Dutch Design Week. Workshops on how to make field bean tofu are also in the pipeline.

To further strengthen Faba Factory’s development, we are looking for partners who want to be part of this exciting, innovative and sustainable project. Interested? Please contact us.

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