Lecture (upon request)

Katja Gruijters delivers inspiring lectures on food design, sustainability and our relationship with nature. Some of the past subjects have been: insects on our future menu, our aesthetic norms regarding food, frictions in our food landscape, and creative usage of plant-based food. For companies, organisations and groups – large or small. Customisation is always possible.

“Katja’s story is about eating. An everyday activity. But there’s nothing ‘everyday’ about Katja’s story! Like no other, she challenges you to let go of all known frameworks and to think completely out of the box about how things could be done differently. Why would you eat from a plate? Why is there food waste? Why is sustainability still not the standard? Working with and listening to Katja is interesting, inspiring and most definitely challenging.”
Nicolyn Dijkstra, Communications Advisor at Siemens

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