Food Friction: science, design and art explore food issues

In 2018, Katja Gruijters developed the programme for the Food Friction Conference at ArtEZ Graduate School. At this annual conference, the relationship between art and research is explored, and 2018’s subject was food and eating behaviour.

The programme consisted of an interesting mix of scientists, artists and designers presenting their vision on how to deal with food differently. Leading agrifood scientist Louise Fresco discussed the necessity to work together globally on issues such as obesity, food insecurity and urbanisation.

Food professionals from a variety of disciplines presented their work; Nishant Shah researches the fetishisation of food, scientist Angelo Vermeulen demonstrated how to grow and cook food in space, and design duo Steinbeisser presented their Experimental Gastronomy initiative as well as their research into how different cutlery affects eating behaviour. Also at the conference was master chef Angélique Schmeink, who created a painting on the spot titled ‘How to seduce a carrot’.

Katja Gruijters often collaborates with specialists in their field to bring her ideas to life: from top chefs and scientists to film makers and corporate professionals. In order to spread knowledge and awareness to a large audience, she shares her expertise through education, workshops, lectures and business coaching. Food Friction is an excellent example of this.

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