Farm Food Family

Katja Gruijters studied the history of local Achterhoek products for the Culture and Heritage Pact Achterhoek, a region in the Eastern Netherlands. She traced several different families of ingredients and crops, and linked them to one of the participating municipalities on the basis of historical, substantive or agro-technical grounds, creating a real Farm Food Family.

During 2019 and 2020, Farm Food Family travels the region with workshops, visiting all participating municipalities.

The Farm Food Family project started on Sunday 29 September 2019, with a big event at DRU Industry park in Ulft. More than 150 guests came to visit: farmers, families, international and local guests, councillors, producers and food lovers.

Nine installations symbolized the nine Farm Food Families from the Achterhoek. Guests tasted delicious appetizers, but also participated in activities like apple fishing, grinding mustard seeds and cracking hazelnuts.

The connecting theme is family. That refers to ‘naoberschap’: the charming system in the Achterhoek that encourages people to look after each other.

The Achterhoek has specific flora, fauna, crops, landscapes and products. Also, there are many passionated farmers, growers and producers in this region. Many of them are working hard to become more sustainable and circulair, and to reduce waste.

In 2019/2020, Farm Food Family goes on tour through nine municipalities. More information about the workshop you can find on www.farmfoodfamily.nl.



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