Convent picnic serenity

Silence has become rare but can still act in abundance in monastic life. How does ‘silence’ affect your food? On behalf of ‘Convent year Brabant,’ Katja Gruijters developed the convent lunch ‘Serenity’ together with various monasteries and abbeys. Cleaning, filtering, silence, and the love for homemade abbey products are essential elements. The first monastery picnic took place last Sunday in the Capuchin Monastery Emmaus in Velp, where the guests enjoyed the beautiful monastery garden and a home-grown tasting.

The convent picnic lunch takes place in various convent gardens in Brabant. The next convent picnic will take place on Sunday 19th of September, from 12.30 to 2.30 pm, Convent Sint-Agatha in Sint Agatha, and on 26th of September, Sint-Josephsberg Convent in Megen.

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