Avebe – Concept development ‘Bite of the future’

One of Royal Avebe‘s innovative products is a protein from potatoes with a number of unique properties. This protein, which fits perfectly into a vegan diet, is already widely used in (among others) meat and dairy substitutes. The food lab in Groningen is constantly experimenting and developing, and has been for more than 100 years.

This is why Avebe asked Studio Katja Gruijters to develop a snack for their stand at the annual expo of the IFT First, which took place on 16 July in Chicago. Starring potato protein, so participants can see, taste and experience the power – the functional properties – of this ingredient.

Naturally, Studio Katja Gruijters has come up with an innovative treat, and we are curious to see what the many visitors to the expo will think of it. We are definitely excited!

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