The Horn of Plenty

The Horn of Plenty

At De Nieuwe Oost, MAISON the FAUX is working on the Horn of Plenty, a hyper-sensory performance that will premiere as expected in Felix Meritis in Amsterdam in the late summer of 2022.

The Horn of Plenty is a continuation of an earlier residence at De Nieuwe Oost which took place in collaboration with performer Arno Verbruggen and food designer Katja Gruijters. Within that residence, they explored the sensory relationship between performance, food, design and fashion. What happens if taste and scent are part of the performance? A sensory experience during which food wasn’t functional or an afterthought, but an indispensable part of the show.

The Horn of Plenty was developed based upon this previous residence and includes a larger team. Katja Gruijters works with chef Eric Meursing. There are 4 performers: Arno Verbruggen, Jordan Achiano, Robin Nimanong and Żaneta Kęsik, and Diamanda Dramm is part of the performance as sound designer. During the harvest season, The Horn of Plenty takes you on a journey to an all-encompassing paradise; a paradise full of excess which decays, rots and comes back to life.

A multi-disciplinary performance which explores the thematic tensions of nature versus synthesis, individual versus matter, fertile versus dead, and the desirability of abundance. The audience consumes the entire performance through all of their senses and in the process are questioned as human beings, users and voyeurs. In which cycle are we? And are we as ‘homo synthetica’ still able to be part of the ancient ritual of dying and returning to the rotting soil?

Photocredits: Atelier Pamfilie

What happens if taste and scent are part of the performance?

About the creators: MAISON the FAUX

Creative studio MAISON the FAUX explores new forms of fashion through experience, interaction and performativity. MAISON the FAUX’s signature is a maximalist blend of fashion, performance, decor, styling and spatial design. MAISON the FAUX creates ‘FAUXperiences’, immersive experiences that challenge the audience to see the world in a new light.

At interdisciplinary production house De Nieuwe Oost, they’re translating their experiences into theatre and are looking for depth: where are the boundaries between fashion and theatricality, form and content?

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