Studio Katja Gruijters has a new look!

Katja Gruijters has been a food designer for 22 years; she is the specialist in her field, with sustainability as her trademark and nature as her inspiration. In these changing times, her work is more relevant than ever. How can we live and eat in a healthy balance with nature?

Studio Katja Gruijters is re-evaluating its values and researching new perspectives. A new look is part of this. A fresh, appetising, sustainable and clear look. We are excited to present our new website, where you will find our latest work, and our vision for the future. Here, Katja talks about her perspective.

What prompted the new look?
‘Within the studio, we focus on connection and collaboration, and I wanted to make this more visible. We do a lot of great things, work together with large and small companies, with specialists, chefs, photographers, famers, designers and scientists. This allows us to undertake large projects, that have a real impact on food transition and a healthy future. I want to spread the word, but also invite others to take part in a larger movement.’

What did you want your new brand to express?
‘My work stems from intuition – recognising patters and breaking them. I find that this intuition is strongest when I am in direct contact with nature, and that is why the studio is based on the edge of the Veluwezoom National Park. Nature gives me the awareness that we are part of something bigger, where the small things are essential too. A walk in the forest always provides me with valuable insights. Organic growth, connection and nature’s clarity were leading principles for my new brand. I also wanted people to experience intuitive navigation on my website, and I think we succeeded.’

What do you think is important right now?
‘We are living in a time in which macro trends like health and technology seem set. Within these, unexpected things happen that we have to respond to. The next few years will ask a lot from our creativity, flexibility and adaptability. However, this can also have a positive effect on how we deal with our resources, our food and our food culture. As long as we keep connecting, and work on the complex issues we are facing in a multidisciplinary way. A good example of this is our All You Can Eat Is Enough restaurant project. This made a lot of people think.’

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