Snackery Street x Aeres University Almere

Recently, our Feed Your Mind Foundation's Snackery Street project was hosted by Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere. Here, students participated in our ongoing research.

Snackery Street is an initiative of the Feed Your Mind Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to contribute to the radical renewal of the entire food palette. After all, what, how, and when we eat follows (very) set patterns.

Fast snacks are closely linked to youth culture: hanging out, chatting, and having a quick bite. So it’s a shame that a lot of snacks are quite salty or greasy, don’t curb overeating, and often contain non-sustainably sources ingredients. This is where Snackery Street makes the difference!

Esther Veen, lecturer in Urban Food Issues at Aeres, is very pleased with initiatives like these. “An organisation like Feed Your Mind tackles the theme with both hands; getting young people to eat less, and healthier. In addition, a day like this inspires staff and students at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere, and shows what we can do to tackle current issues.”

The students and co-workers feasted on the latest snack innovations. As they ate, they were observed, and they gave their honest feedback. A very successful day!

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