Snackery Street: ready for take-off!

Have you heard of Snackery Street? We are on a mission to make you eat delicious and healthy food. Because we just can’t continue on the road we are on. How snacks are made – from production to transport and from packaging to ingredients – has to change. Drastically.

The local snack bar is the place where everyone meets. A social destination that creates cohesion in our neighbourhoods. So unhealthy or not; it deserves to retain its role in our society. But how can we embrace the snack bar as our cultural heritage while working on a healthier eating pattern?

By reinventing your trusted favourites, and making them better. By using healthy ingredients, and by adding a mystery ingredient which makes every bite an experiment. After you finish your snack, we ask you a number of questions, to further enhance your experience.

Snackery Street investigates

The project’s aim is to investigate whether we can positively affect people’s eating behaviours through innovative and healthy snacks. Will they actually eat less? Or differently? While they’re enjoying their snacks, we observe and question them.

This experiment offers new and practical insights for promising innovations in the food industry, aimed at healthy, sustainable food production.

Snackery Street demonstrates that an innovative combination of food design and science can lead to a decrease in consumption and food waste. We are convinced that we can tackle the obesity crisis amongst young people – if we work together.

Become Snackery Street partner

Are you interested in contributing to Snackery Street, and through this, to healthier eating behaviours in future generations? By sharing your knowledge, co-developing and/or producing pioneering, nutritious snacks, offering a (festival) location or a financial contribution, or in any other way? Now is your chance! We look forward to hearing from you! Send an email to partner@feedyourmind.nl.

You can find more info on our website: www.snackerystreet.nl (in Dutch)

Studio Katja Gruijters participates in Snackery Street. Snackery Street is an initiative of the Feed Your Mind Foundation, and supported by Stichting Goeie Grutten en The DOEN Foundation.


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