Snackery Street pilot – Hotel School The Hague Amsterdam

On 8 December 2022, the first Snackery Street pilot was held at Hotel School The Hague Amsterdam. An insightful day during which our concept was tested in practice during the lunch break.

We organised this 1st pilot in collaboration with the Snackery Street project team and students of Hotel School The Hague. Local Amsterdam students were able to order snacks and were simultaneously assessed on their eating behaviour. The second pilot is planned for 14 March 2023, when we’ll be visiting Aeres University Almere.

With thanks to: Joost de Voos at Hotel School The Hague & his students; the Snackery Street project team; Studio Katja Gruijters; Maarten Broedelet; Marianne Nieuwenhuijse and Ed van Hinte. And funding partners Stichting DOEN and Stichting Goeie Grutten.

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