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Fast snacks are closely linked to modern youth culture: chilling together, having a chat and a quick bite. What a shame that most snacks are too salty and greasy, that they don’t limit overeating, and that ingredients are often not produced sustainably.

This needs to change, according to the Feed Your Mind Foundation. Snack bar ‘Snackery Street’ does not want to alter the social and cultural experience around snack bar culture in the Netherlands: it gives people a lot of joy and still holds great value.

We are exploring whether snacking and eating behaviours can be affected positively. We will offer snacks in ‘natural’ snacking environments such as festivals. ‘Sensible’ – playful – snacks, created based upon scientific insights. And then, we’ll check what the effect is: do our customers like the snacks, do they enjoy their surroundings, how is their behaviour influenced, are they eating less?

The ultimate goal: ensuring young people snack less and more healthily.

In the Snackery Street project, the Feed Your Mind Foundation works with Studio Katja Gruijters as well as partners from various branches of the snack world: local and national governments, the Netherlands Nutrition Centre Foundation (Voedingscentrum), food producers, and caterers.

We are convinced that we can tackle the issue of obesity in young people, if we work together. Feed Your Mind takes the initiative. Currently, the snack bar is being developed by our fantastic snack team, so watch this space!


Snack bar 'Snackery Street', with cleverly developed snacks for youngsters, is currently being developed.

Feed Your Mind

Snackery Street is an initiative of the Feed Your Mind Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to contribute to the radical renewal of our entire food palette. What, how and when we eat is determined by ingrained habits. Feed Your Mind applies scientific knowledge and creative food design to show that we can change patterns. We want to inspire researchers, consumers and the industry to organise the food chain differently: sustainably and good for plants, people and animals. Because good food can go hand in hand with a better climate and a nutritious diet.

www.feedyourmind.nl (in Dutch)


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