Feed Your Mind Foundation

Our food system is over its expiration date. The global population is growing at an incredible rate and cannot be sustained with ‘business as usual’. The Feed Your Mind foundation, founded by Katja Gruijters and Ed van Hinte, is working on a sustainable food transition. We combine academic research with food design; working with businesses, institutions and consumers.

Our first project was a pop-up restaurant. Participants to this project got a 6-course meal. For each course, we tested one of the factors that influence satiation: attention, information, temptation, social interaction, obstruction and illusion.



Snackbar Chew on it!

Our most recent project is Snack bar Chew on it. In this eatery, we question our eating and snacking patterns. What determines whether you are full, your stomach or your brains? In our scientific (and tasty) snack bar we reach new insights into sustainable eating habits.

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