Convent Lunch ‘Serenity’

In 2021, we organised several inspiring convent lunches in convent gardens throughout Brabant, southern Netherlands. To bring the convents' artisan products to a wider audience, @Studio Katja Gruijters developed Convent Lunch 'Serenity' as a ritual that goes back to its essence.

To transfer the concept and make it applicable to the Brabant Monasteries, Katja Gruijters and Simone Kramer organised a two-day workshop to further develop the concept with those involved: monastics, volunteers, chefs, teachers and other interested parties.



The ideas from the convent lunches are collated in an inspiration manual; including action plan, recipes, suggestions for purchasing presentation materials and creative suggestions to host your own lunch. The aim? To enable the convent lunches to be organised independently using the manual, so the concept is embedded and executed into the activities along ‘Ons Kloosterpad’ (Our Convent Path), to be enjoyed and experienced by many.

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