Foodvalley: Shaping the future of food together

Every year, Foodvalley organises a Partner Event focusing on connection and interaction. This year, Foodvalley asked Studio Katja Gruijters to develop a tasting around the theme Shaping the future of food.

Starting point of the tasting were Foodvalley NL’s 3 innovation areas: Circular Agrifood, Food & Health and Protein Transition. Seven partner ingredients were made available for the tasting: kori tofu, quinoa, soy yoghurt, local chickpeas, faba cheese, chlorella and returned bread. This raised the question: how do you transform 7 ingredients into three small dishes that tell Foodvalley’s story?

7 ingredients, 3 dishes

A fun challenge. Firstly, it required research and experimentation. To arrive at a menu, we developed a concept within which the 7 ingredients were divided.

Next, we teamed up with the chefs from Sample Kitchen to develop a menu. After an afternoon experimenting, we came up with a beautiful menu. We integrated this menu within the concept and created a tasting around Foodvalley’s vision: What does our food taste and look like in the future? In other words: Shaping the future of food together.

The event

We then developed a ‘Journey map’ with explanation, a roadmap and a menu to give the guests background information on the vision, menu and associated partner ingredients. They were welcomed with a Transition Welcome.

Guests toasted with an autumn mocktail based on apple-cranberry syrup with star anise, cinnamon, rosemary and sparkling water. Alongside the mocktail, we served a beetroot-hemp snack made from salty roasted beetroot with maggi plant, local hemp seed and vinegar.

Upcycle Revolution

After the main programme, the three dishes were served in the sustainably designed Foodvalley NL offices. With a huge bread table at its centre, built from as many as 450 returned loaves of bread.

These had been cut into giant croutons and baked off at Bakkersgrondstof BV. As a statement that it is not acceptable that we throw away fresh bread from our supermarkets every day. And to support that Bakkersgrondstof BV utilises returned loaves as new raw materials and products.

The upcycled products were presented on the bread table as sourdough, granola, kvass, pellets for chickens, and breadcrumbs. And guests got to enjoy a mini cheese fondue presented in a freshly upcycled sandwich in which they could dip crudités.

Seductive Health

Within Seductive Health, we worked with kori tofu. A remarkable product; healthy and protein-rich with a distinctive texture. The tofu was finished with green chlorella powder and presented on a roasted pumpkin puree with quinoa, topped with radish and puffed quinoa. We developed a purple dashi of kombu, ginger, leeks and red cabbage, which the guests could use to personalise their Seductive Health dish.

Protein Exploration

For Protein Exploration, we sourced local beans so guests could explore the diversity of locally grown beans. From fire beans and lupine to the little white bean.

In the spotlight: Dutch chickpeas and soy beans. From the soy, we made a thick yogurt with fenugreek, caraway and cumin seeds. Finished with roasted aubergine and sisho leaf and served on a chickpea wafer with nigella seeds.

Protein Exploration

Voor Protein Exploration verzamelden we lokale bonen zodat de gasten de diversiteit van lokaal geteelde bonen konden ontdekken. Van vuurbonen en lupine tot aan het witte boontje.

In de spotlight: Nederlandse kikkererwten en sojabonen. Van de sojayoghurt maakten we een hangop met fenegriek, karwij en komijnzaadjes. Afgemaakt met gepofte aubergine en sishoblad en geserveerd op een kikkererwtwafeltje met nigellazaden.

As a parting gift for Foodvalley NL’s 180 partners, we preserved fresh potted hydrangeas, symbolising a lasting relationship.

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