With temporary project TERRA_FOOD LABORATORY, Fabrikaat experiments with innovative uses of local raw materials. An incubator for creative minds; where food designers, bakers, chefs, designers and the public meet.

Together, they explore how edible our river landscape is, and where the boundaries between food and non-food lie. How can we design sustainable food and tableware? The aim of the lab is to come up with new ideas and insights for a more sustainable use of our local raw materials.


Fruit leather workshop

For Fabrikaat, Studio Katja Gruijters developed a unique fruit leather workshop. For this workshop, we worked with local ingredients such as blackthorn, chestnuts, hawthorn and blackberries. Together, participants explored what other herbs and seeds you can add. What does mint or malva add to the taste of edible fruit leather? And what kind of patterns can you make?

The participants experimented and tasted with gusto. Afterwards, they received a DIY box with a fruit leather fan, background information and recipes to take home.

Group outing at Studio Katja Gruijters

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