Coming together of the senses with MAISON the FAUX

From 3 to 14 May last, Katja Gruijters was a guest at production house De Nieuwe Oost. As an artist in residence, she worked with a creative studio and fashion house MAISON the FAUX. For 2 weeks, they studied topics such as abundance, expiration, temptation, manipulation, and illusions. Elements like the Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch, supermarkets, and loss were the foundation for developing taste, performance, and décor.
During the residence, we created 3 performance and sensory layers using 1 dominant ingredient: the strawberry. In the strawberry, all themes came together in a nice framework to relate to. The result: a maximalist performance featuring dancer and performer Arno Verbruggen, focussing on the sensory relationship between fashion, food, décor, and spatial design, with the strawberry on the main stage. This led to a live performance in which eating was integrated and the public interacted to experience, smell and taste the performance. The live performance movie was shown online during ‘Uurtje Oost’, De Nieuwe Oost’s open podium.

About the strawberry
In this performance, the strawberry, that sensual fruit, refers to Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. A perfect world with an abundance of nature, fauna, and food. The strawberry represents perfection. But is this perfection actually perfect? And do decay taste better than perfection, or is it the other way around?

Meer over MAISON the FAUX
Het modehuis en creative studio MAISON the FAUX onderzoekt nieuwe vormen van mode door middel van beleving, interactie en performance. MAISON the FAUX creëert “FAUXperiences” totaalbelevingen die het publiek uitdagen om de wereld in een nieuw licht te zien.

About Arno Verbruggen
Arno Verbruggen is a contemporary dance and performance graduate from Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam. He danced with Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club and worked with Aura Dance Theatre in Kaunas, Lithuania. He is also a dance teacher and works as a freelancer with various companies, platforms, and artists.

Special thanks to De Nieuwe Oost. Generously made possible by the Creative Industries Fund. Photography: Atelier Pamfilie

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