ArtEZ Re-Survival Food

We're living in interesting times. Crisis and uncertainty seem to be our new normal. Instead of giving into a permanent state of emergency, we are required to build resilience.

In the post-Covid era we need to ask ourselves: where do we go from here? How can food design bring hope, strength and resilience? How do we respond to a cycle of never-ending crises? As lectors at ArtEZ University of the Arts, we were interested to learn how the current generation of students view the current crisis, and if they see opportunities instead. Have they discovered new values since the pandemic, or are these unchanged? And what do you need to survive – now and in the future?

For a whole trimester, we challenged ArtEZ students to get out of their comfort zone, to experiment, test, and reset. And to develop a vision around the theme ‘re-survival food & energy’. We’ve already held several interesting workshops, such as one in nature at Studio Katja Gruijters, and we discovered the art of fermenting at Christian Weij’s SmaakPark.

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