Welcome to Studio Katja Gruijters food design.
Katja has developed food concepts for many companies for over 19 years. From eating and drinking venues to catering companies and manufacturers in the food industry. Her network of creative experts gives Katja the opportunity to work on all kinds of projects, in various shapes and sizes. 

The art of eating
How does our food grow? Why is tea in a teabag? Where does the word fertilizer come from? Why do Dutch people eat a bread roll for lunch and Asians a bowl of hot noodle soup? What will we be eating and drinking in the future? Farmed fish, seaweeds or locusts?

For Katja Gruijters every project starts with a question. Many people think that eating is just something you do – a necessity. At the same time it’s part of a culture; it has close links with other activities, rituals and interaction in society. So Katja’s work always centres around people and their environment.

Food is the ‘material’ which Katja uses for visual communication. As a designer she helps people see food as part of a bigger picture: country of origin, customs, tastes. That’s how she tries to make a positive contribution to our food culture. At the same time she aims to increase awareness of today’s social issues such as biodiversity and sustainability. Katja believes that preservation is inextricably linked with food design: “sometime soon, sustainability will be just as important as health.”

Katja’s methods can be described as both intuitive and organic. She uses experiments to study her ideas and then tests these as much as possible in practice. She explores the connections between food, science, technology, culture, nature and design. In carrying out her ideas, she collaborates with specialists in a wide range of disciplines: from top chefs and scientists to filmmakers and people from the business community.

Katja Gruijters’ CV
In 1998 Katja graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. During her time there, she had already started to specialize in designing food and drink. As part of her final project she looked at different ways of designing meat substitutes. Her high-protein dough balls and filled seaweed rolls actually led to her first job in the food sector. People often asked her what a designer’s job in the food industry involved. She soon decided to call herself a food designer, explaining at the same time that she worked on concepts for both food and drink.

After working for several companies in the food industry, she set up Studio Katja Gruijters in 2001. She now spends her time thinking up and implementing concepts for clients. She also develops her own products and ideas. As the first food designer in the Netherlands, she was asked by the Dutch trade journal Foodmagazine to work as a columnist. Katja also helped develop a new course called Food Design at the HAS Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. She taught food design herself at the HAS for five years.

In recent years she has regularly exhibited her work in the Netherlands and other countries. Katja also gives workshops and works as a visiting lecturer, both at home and abroad. Another of Studio Katja Gruijters’ many activities is coaching students in the Netherlands and other parts of the world.

CV Katja Gruijters

Food design
Since the end of the 1990s, a growing group of designers have specialized in designing food and drink. Food design has now become a recognized design discipline. Each designer has their own way of looking at eating, food cultures, technology, people and society, taste sensations and the senses. Studio Katja Gruijters’ groundbreaking approach is distinctive within the discipline because it delivers design and much more.