Food from the sea
Seaweed is the ingredient of the future. A small seaweed manufacturer wondered: ‘How can I make my product accessible for a broader audience?’ Studio Katja Gruijters did a study and discovered that seaweed is the perfect meat substitute. She chose ‘fresh’ as a central theme in communications. It was the start of a new, fresh and contemporary range of products.
Client: Libra Export, 2011

Attractive Easter eggs 
Chocolate manufacturer Italo Suisse asked Katja to come up with ideas for Fair Trade Easter eggs with different textures. Katja developed a number of textural approaches. This was all very well received. Not 1, but 2 product designs were eventually manufactured: dots and lace were both launched in April 2011 in a large supermarket chain in the UK.
Client: Italo Suisse, 2010 (Belgium).

Flowers you can eat!
Why do we make flower displays when there are over 500 kinds of flowers that we could eat? In other cultures it's quite normal to eat flowers: from violet ice cream in France to chrysanthemum tea in China. Sweet velvet is a collection of flower sweets in three varieties: rose petals, violets and lavender buds.
Initiator Katja Gruijters, in collaboration with Papabubble

Some lace for you? White, milk or dark?
Hand-made, lace-textured chocolate tiles translated into a manufacturable product. We did it in a month! Ander Kant chocolate tiles went on sale in 2006 at the department stores de Bijenkorf (several in the Netherlands) and Le Bon Marché (Paris) as well as the Museum of Arts & Design (New York). In the same year, the product received a Dutch Design Prizes nomination.
Initiator: Katja Gruijters, 2006

Ever tasted an extraterrestrial biscuit?
Katja Gruijters was asked to develop a biscuit that could be presented at a meeting in an original way. Why is a biscuit served with a cup of coffee always put on the saucer? Gruijters came up with the idea of a Saturn biscuit: its ring circling the cup.
Client: Hospitality Consultancy, 2008

Sweets with cress?
‘Do something special with garden cress’. A day’s experimenting and a whole new range of sweets was born: freshly-made marshmallow, chocolate and fresh cress, presented in a beautifully illustrated pack.
Client: Tjakina Wildeboer, 2009

What do you do with leftover cookies?
Working for Droog Design Value for Money, Katja designed an interesting product: Leftover Cookies. Thousands of leftover Easter eggs from supermarkets were turned into cookies. The Leftover Cookies limited edition with marble effect in the flavours thyme, cranberry and ginger could be tasted during the Salone del Mobile furniture and design show in Milan.
Client: Droog Design, 2005

Clean and shiny
You're cleaning something, and there's that irritating bit of dirt stuck to the table. Where's the scouring pad?! A Cleanspot microfibre cloth with its special scouring spot is the solution! Cleanspot is the result of several material experiments. With strong, high quality materials and bright, distinctive Sorbo colours.
Client: Sorbo, in collaboration with Foodoo.

Let’s wrap!
Katja Gruijters thought up ‘wrapping’ for Honig. She researched what wrapping could mean. Should it be pointed? Could you roll the packaging too? In collaboration with Honig, Katja developed the World Wide Wrap. In 2001, the product won the Dutch annual ‘Award for Good Nutrition’.
Client: Honig, 2001

In Bolletje’s secret kitchen
How can you reposition a strong Dutch crispbake brand? How can you anticipate consumer trends and take advantage of new eating times?’ Katja delved into the past and looked at ‘Dutch crispbake rituals’. She was also allowed to experiment with Bolletje’s secret crispbake dough. The result: a range of contemporary Dutch crispbake concepts.
Client: Bolletje, 2007

Pick a sweet!
‘Develop a number of adult taste concepts and make sure manufacturing is feasible.' Katja studied tastes, textures, colours and aromas and developed a number of confectionery concepts inspired by nature. The result: Pick-Me-Off sweets with natural flavours and Coffee Mates shaped like coffee beans.
Client: a confectionery manufacturer.