Welcome to Studio Katja Gruijters food design.
Katja has developed food concepts for many companies for over 19 years. From eating and drinking venues to catering companies and manufacturers in the food industry. Her network of creative experts gives Katja the opportunity to work on all kinds of projects, in various shapes and sizes. 

Start Farm Food Family
Food designer Katja Gruijters delved into the history of regional products on behalf of the Cultuur en Erfgoedpact Achterhoek (Achterhoek Culture and Heritage Pact). She and her team traced families of ingredients and crops. They linked each family to a municipality, based on historical, substantive or agrotechnical grounds. This is how a real "farm food family" was created, which will be in the spotlight in the coming year and will bring young and elderly people, residents, visitors, consumers, producers, pupils, students and specialists together.

On September 29, 2019, Farm Food Family will start a special food event in the Ouhrlokaal (DRU Industriepark, Ulft). In 2019/2020, Farm Food Family will be touring through Aalten, Berkelland, Bronckhorst, Doesburg, Doetinchem, Montferland, Oost Gelre, Oude IJsselstreek and Winterswijk. A workshop is organized in every municipality. Admission is free, registration required. If you want to experience the real Achterhoek flavors, you can buy a ticket for the tasting.

Katja opens pop-up research restaurant
On 8 and 9 November 2018, Katja Gruijters opens pop-up restaurant "All you can eat enough" in Proeflab Wageningen with the Feed Your Mind foundation. During an extensive dinner, guests are observed with their permission. The aim of this research is to contribute to the development of knowledge and experience about the influence of food design on eating behavior. With this knowledge, the Feed Your Mind foundation wants to help improve the dietary pattern of people. Invited guests of this first pop-up version are representatives from the entire food chain.

Pop-Up research restaurant "All You can Eat Enough" is made possible by the Province of Gelderland, Wageningen University and Research, Creative Industries Fund, Ede municipality, Studio Katja Gruijters, Multitude, Pleuni Doet, Ed van Hinte and Marieke Laméris Proeflab Wageningen.

For more details about a partnership with "All you can eat enough" send an email

Green caviar based on water lentils

An impression of a symposium at the Practice Center for Protein Research (PEO) in Groenlo. Attendees explored and discovered new protein sources. Katja Gruijters was one of the speakers and surprised everyone with green caviar based on water lentils and other tasty green bites.

Happy Easter

Good memories of the creation of Easter eggs with new shapes and textures for a Belgian chocolate factory.
Contact Katja for an inspiring lecture, workshop, product development or co-creation. And for now: Enjoy the easter eggs!

Are ferns older than dinosaurs?

"Did you know that certain ferns are older than dinosaurs? Hibiscus can not only be used to make tea (it is high in vitamin C and has more antioxidants than green tea!) but also for bubbles? Begonias are closely related to melons, cucumbers and pumpkins? After visiting De Barreveld’s greenhouses in the Westland, researching, and uncovering lesser known information on a handful of indoor and outdoor plants, we created specific narratives that capture the plants versatility and uniqueness." http://www.barreveld.nl/

Focus on the Achterhoek

photos: Sabine Grootendorst

De Achterhoek is a beautiful but somewhat noticed region in the Netherlands. How can we draw more attention to the Achterhoek via food? We got this question from Cultuurmij Oost. Studio Gruijters has done extensive research into special food producers and local ingredients in this special region. We discovered many. How can this region get more attention for these unique initiatives? The first concepts have been made. To be continued!

Kick off ArtEZ Art Research Conference

At the beginning of March, the kick-off meeting of the Art Research Conference took place in De Steeg: 'Food & Identity', organized by the Graduate School of ArtEZ on 30 November 2018. During this congress, methodological reflections on art and design research are central, linked to the specific theme 'Food & Identity. These are exploratory research methods that can offer new perspectives on the major challenges of our society and give rise to the development of new future scenarios. The role that art and design play in relation to cultural-social themes is central here. Katja Gruijters was asked as artistic leader for the Conference.

Inspiration at Workshops Fooddesign

Regularly workshops take place at the food studio in De Steeg. These workshops are for everyone interested in: food, design, innovation, communication and sustainability. The workshops are suitable for young professionals as well as chefs, product developpers, designers, communication specialists, marketeers and growers.
Click here for more information about the possibilities or contact us for an offer.

"Vegetable food can be more creative"

Katja Gruijters showed beautiful examples of plant nutrition during the Green Protein Summit, an initiative of FoodValley.
In addition to her role as moderator and speaker, she offered visitors a taste of vegetable bytes from her design studio during the launch of the Protein Cluster East Netherlands. 

Fruit 'Leather' tasting Stedelijk Museum

On September 29th, during the event Press! Print! Publish Katja Gruijters gave a presentation of her book "Food Design Exploring the Future of Food" in the Stedelijk Museum She invited book lovers to a fruit-leather tasting. Visitors were surprised by variety of fruit tastes in the 'leather'.


Last Spring Katja gave some successfull workshops in her studio in a natural setting. On 28 September the new workshop 'Neither fish nor meat' will take place. This one destined for companies and organizations interested in sustainability and those who want to discover the role of food design in it. 

Why do we eat so much meat while there are so many tasty alternatives? During the full day workshop, you will discover the various alternatives of a variety of beans, seaweed, insects to lupine. Discover the future alternatives and develop a powerful concept in teamwork!
Interested? Sent an email to mail(at)katjagruijters(dot)nl or click here for more details. The workshop will be in Dutch.

One of the former participants about the workshop:
"You could say the workshop inspired me to create a new business model that changed my clients mindset of his product"

Register here.

New BOOK FOOD DESIGN Katja Gruijters
Food design is innovative exploration and definition of everything that concerns food: production, distribution, identity, enjoyment, nutrition and digestion. Katja Gruijters is a Dutch pioneering food designer. She focuses on new opportunities with regard to health, quality, seductiveness, honesty and particularly waste reduction.
This book presents a selection of her work against the background of the current state of food affairs. Katja Gruijters develops concepts on her own initiative and she gets commissions from various institutions and food enterprises. Katja Gruijters Food Design is intended to inspire professionals and students in the grand universe of food creation. 

About the authors
Katja Gruijters specialized in food and drink design, after graduating at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Since 2001, she has worked in her own studio, designing food experiments, concepts, tasting events and products. She has been commissioned by companies in the Netherlands and abroad and she is involved in education.

Ed van Hinte studied Industrial Design at Delft University. Today, he is a researcher, teacher and design critic with more than twenty books to his name. Renate Boere is an experienced book designer who designed over sixty art books and recently received the International Ward for Book Design.

Buy here!

Chrysantemum High Tea
Katja Gruijters developed a high tea with the Chrysanthemum as a main component for Bloggers event commissioned by Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl. The Greek name of the Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, means golden flower. It symbolizes happiness and "eternal life". Did you know that the leaves and seeds of Chrysanthemum can eat? Katja experimented like crazy and this has made into new exclusive recipes.

WORKSHOP ArtEZ University of the Arts
5-day fooddesign workshop 'Natural Processing' for 'ArtEZ University of the Arts, product design by Studio Katja Gruijters. A great afternoon, tasting, smelling and picking wild plants in Sonsbeekpark Arnhem! Our thanks to Edwin Florès, wild harvester.

MR.LILIUM for Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl
Lately the studio was colored with white lilies. By processing unsprayed lilies we created macerate, an ingredient for making shaving soap. Ultimately, our research has become a product. MR.LILIUM an exclusive and natural shaving soap with nourishing properties of the lily. As in ancient times they prepared oils and ointments with the petals of the white Madonna lily (Lilium Candidium) which originally has a healing and disinfectant action. A descendant of this primal lily is used as the main ingredient for MR.LILIUM. According to designer Katja Gruijters and breeder Gerben Ravensberger from Lilies of Life it is the perfect base for natural shaving soap for men. The traditional shaving soap has made a comeback. A relaxing and caring ritual. Introduced in June 2016 MR.LILIUM for men who want to go back to the roots. View the campaign here. 

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen / SV
Photography: Marieke Wijntjes

The past 200 years of design icons of the Netherlands and Belgium were exhibited in a thrilling confrontation with each other during  the “Design Derby” exhibition. The Netherlands was the winner, but is this also true when it comes to our food culture and food design? Katja Gruijters created an installation where the two facing each other. A group of special guests invited by SV (Prooff) were allowed to taste and judge.

Rijksmuseum launch The Green Gallery
Fotography: © Reinier RVDA

Lately Studio Katja Gruijters was transformed into a rich aromatic flowers lab. A joy to work in. Commissioned by the Flower Council of Holland Katja zoomed in on some specific flowers, giving a range of innovative ideas, products and dishes. This inspiration was partly used during the launch of The Green Gallery an online magazine that celebrates both the beauty and the transience of nature. Under the arches of the world famous Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, all was brought to life as in a fairytale setting. Katja and her team created a very scintillating menu with flowers in the lead, for a diverse group of international press and online influencers. In collaboration with The Wunderkammer and The Gardeners.

Interview The Green Gallery
Portrait: Berber Theunissen

As a child she wanted to discover everything in nature, she questioned eveything and finally created her work. Food designer Katja Gruijters unravels secrets of flowers in her studio-lab. She does not understand why we do not eat flowers like fruit and vegetables. For Flower Council of Holland she discovers the ins and outs, a passionate quest for the nurturing and nourishing values of flowers. The Green Gallery

Orchid springroll
This month in Elle Eten, a delicious Orchid Springroll of Katja Gruijters and Flower Council Holland.

How we drink in the future?
How we drink in the future lunch? For Tetrapak we developed an interactive trend lunch at FrieslandCampina Innovation Center.

Chocolate is the new gold
Future Reflections of food specialists. VMT asked the question: "What and how do we eat in 2050?" The year 2050, the population has increased again. How do we feed everyone without we lack or exhaust the earth? Food production is cyclical, efficient and food waste is history. Alternatives for meat like insects and seaweed products have become a part of our (daily) menu. We still eat meat and fish but less and more conscious, and qualitative. Because of the shortage of cocoa beans chocolate is the new gold. We will use medicinal foods preventative and we are aware of what food does to our bodies. We want to measure the effect of food ourselves, such as calories, heart rate or blood pressure. At the same time we have the need to use more of our senses to feel what is and is not good for us. 

Flower Platform
Outside the forest has changed into Autumn, but in the studio it seems like a bright summer. When you enter you find yourself in an oasis of flowers. What a joy to work for www.mooiwatbloemendoen.nl. We are currently developing a serious flower platform and see how we could highlight the flowers agenda from different sides. By analyzing, dissecting and experimenting we come up with new content in food but also fashion, design and interior. Too bad for now, just in 2015 we are able to show and share more. To be Continued for www.mooiwatbloemendoen.nl

Food Design Innovation workshop kick of
For a customer in CANDY, we organized a Food Design Innovation workshop. A beautiful day full of inspiration and new ideas. And still plenty of sun to enjoy lunch in the garden.

Workshop Italy / Lecce for "Make People Do Lab"
Last summer I was invited at the very tip of the heel of Italy in Lecce, to give a Nature Inspired workshop for "Make People Do Lab." I worked with a super enthusiastic and motivated group and in a short time we could present inspiring results. Wonderful to work in this beautiful area.

Survival Food Clinique ARTEZ Arnhem
Last season I was a teacher at ARTEZ Arnhem, department of Product Design. With the students we developed a Survival Food Clinique. The final presentations were overwhelming and beautifully detailed, very inspiring and to be continued!

And new studio asks for a grand opening. Good food, nice people, to meet to share and a toast to this inspiring place.

"Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better",
Albert Einstein

New workshops Katja Gruijters
Food design and edible nature as a starting point, good to stand on this together! Studio Katja Gruijters organizes workshops for companies with the goal to inspire, develop concrete ideas, and to connect processes. The studio offers a specialized library on Food and additionally you are able to enjoy a special drink, tasting sumptuous dinner, or just a no-nonsense lunch in the garden or the forest in front. Want to know more about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

✱✱✱ Survival Food in Boisbuchet
By observing nature, we discover that nothing is lost in the natural cycle. For the third time Katja Gruijters gives an inspiring workshop on the estate Boisbuchet in southern France. A three star survival workshop to discover, observe and transform. Nature A challenging food design group assignment for cooks, foodies, graphic designers, architects and other creative disciplines!
Dates: 03-09 August 2014
For more information take a look here

After 15 years it is time for change. My food design studio in the heart of Amsterdam, is making way for a refreshing contrast; work in and with nature, my great source of inspiration. It's time for new plans, more peace and quiet, space and freedom. The edible nature as a starting point. My new and spacious studio is hidden in the south Veluwe and offers lots of tasty options. 

Studio Katja Gruijters,
Hoofdstraat 4, 6994 AE De Steeg.
T + 31 (0)26 7370059
M + 31 (0)6 2455358

Winter Anti Depression Show (WADS)
Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij
Did you know that many of us suffer from the winter blues? Fatigue, low energy, depression, a great need for sleep, weight gain due to increased demand for high-calorie foods, some characteristic symptoms of winter depression. Do we dare to talk about it and what does the health care sector for us except pills and therapy prescription? A team of artists and designers put Marres into a sanatorium from mid-January to mid-March.

Chris Kabel (light), Alexander Gualthérie (smell), Katja Gruijters (food), Ludmilla Rodriguez (movement) and Monobanda (interactivity) will create rooms where groups of visitors are guided through a series of sensory experiences.

Marres Centre for contemporary art, Maastricht, opening exhibition January 18

Cutting for Castello
Cheese making is both an art and a science.
The way in which a cheese is sliced largely depends on its shape, texture and size. For the last series of Castello we have stepped back and translated the art of cheese cutting by using the original cheese mold. Do you know how many points go from a wheel for example? Particular combinations arise by replacing tasty, colorful, graphic ingredients, to count, observe, taste and enjoy. 

Piercing for Castello
Photo: Jonas De Witte

Preparing cheese is a true craftsmanship and one of the oldest methods of preparation of food. Do you know how the beautiful ( blue ) veins enter the cheese? Much of the Castello cheeses are literally pierced, with metal rods a wonderful process by which the fungi grow naturally into veins. All the 4 cheeses use the mold " Penicillium Roqueforti ' each with a quirky application.
Discover, observe, select and taste how the beautiful veins slowly grow into a delicious cheese. The Pierced cheese is inspired by artwork from Spanisch painter Joan Miro. Next performance based on the theme Cutting is planned on 13Th december.
Castello pop up-store New Babylon Den Haag

City Scape for Castello
Photo: your little blackbook

Katja Gruijters recently created a City Scape with Castello cheeses. City scape was inspired by the painting of Piet Mondriaan, Broadway Boogie Woogie a combination of multi-colored grid lines, complete with blocks of color, all in the primary palette. Katja starts performing, building with a variety of the tasty Castello cheeses piling, combining different flavors, textures, and discover new combinations. At night City Scape changed its caracter and location and was demolished and eaten.

The next performances inspired on the themes Piercing and Cutting are planned on 22Th November and the 13Th of December.

Food Design to New Zealand
Dutch food designer Katja Gruijters inspired New Zealanders with innovative ways to add value to food. Katja was a guest of Massey University, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Designers Institute of New Zealand.

Inspiration from Shanghai
Well-known Dutch food designer Katja Gruijters was invited to Dutch Design Workspace in Shanghai to present her work and introduce guests to the fabulous world of food design. Katja used her days in this inspiring city of food to work on a trend report.

M º BA Food Design by Katja Gruijters
Food connects people, M º BA therefore asked food designer Katja Gruijters to develop with the aim of connecting, The theme was fetishism as starting point. Katja Gruijters: 'What does fetishism in relation to food? I've been researching aphrodiasic flavors and its effects. After many inspiring experiments I chose something small, a button, an edible detail.

The edible knot, a feast for the eyes, taste into detail. Enjoy the aphrodiasic chili flavors, almond, mint, ginger and dark chocolate with gold leaf. The button as an icon, an obsession for detail, translated to an M º BA Icon.

The chocolate knot also appears on an exclusive almond cake that is available in different restaurants and shops.

Katja Gruijters for M º BA, i.s.m. Chocolaterie Mousset and Confectionery Asselt
Photography: Jonas De Witte

Food Pilot Designacademy "restaurant of the future'
Katja Gruijters and Simone De Waart currently developing a Food Pilot for students of the Design Academy with the theme "restaurant of the future”. During the kick-or guests like Mac Van Dinther ( restaurant reviewer Volkskrant) and food trendwatcher Marjan Ippel emphasized the theme from their expertise. Last week, the students had a two-day workshop where they experimented in the Zbar. Very special guest was Sergio Herman, spirited top chef from Sluis. He has challenged the students with a mission and three of them finally will be able to do a short internship to experience working in a three Michelin star restaurant! 

Dutch Bakery Centre
For the Dutch Bakery Centre Katja Gruijters developed five workshops about connecting. The results will shape an innovative concept for an event later this year for the craft bakery industry. To be continued 

"Nature inspired food" workshop
In cooperation with the Centre Georges Pompidou and Vitra Design Museum,
a series of workshops are led by internationally recognized artists, designers and architects during the summer in Boisbuchet.
Katja Gruijters is invited to organise a "Nature inspired food" workshop. 14 July to 20 July 2013.
Grab your chance to get involved and take a look here.

Katja's Food / Fashion Icon for Fashion Biennale Arnhem
"Li Edelkoort is one of the world's best known and most prominent trend forecasters. With an intuitive understanding and analytical attitude to the world around us, she islike no other, able to make connections between what there was, is and will be. From 8 June to 21 July 2013 she is chief curator for the Fashion Biennale Arnhem. For the MoBA, the biggest fashion event in the world, she chose the theme Fetishism in Fashion. "Fetish goes far back to what determines our behavior. For example, our preference for licking ice. has its origin in a mother breast feeding her baby milk, so asks Lidewij herself. What is more intimate than food, excites the senses and is full of rituals?
There Katja Gruijters steps in, she graduated, as the first food designer at Li’s the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Katja translates the exhibition themes into an edible MoBA Icon that pops in at different places. In addition, there are a number of food / fashion projects by Katja on the menu, to be continued.

Food Minor Design Academy Eindhoven
Katja was asked to develop the first food minor within the Design Academy Eindhoven. Food has a wealth of inspiring perspectives for students such experience, senses, mass production, design, industry, sustainability, trade, and social processes. This summer, the first minor will be completed and presented. Katja previously developed the study food design at HAS Den Bosch was teaching a number of years. Last month Katja finalized  the theme "Breakfast" with students from the Rietveld Academy, she was involved in Food-lab ARTEZ Zwolle and in gives a workshop the 24Th of May at the Studium Generale of ARTEZ in Enschede in the context of sustainability and the cycle thinking.

"Shape of taste", Mart Museum, Italy
Katja’s work is part of "The shape of taste" in the Mart Museum Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto.
read more.....

VMT congress with food design expert Katja Gruijters
VMT is the information platform for food professionals in the food, and beverage industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. In collaboration with expert food designer Katja Gruijters VMT organizes a conference and workshop about the ideal innovation process, focusing on the link between manufacturer and retailer. An afternoon with inspirational speakers. In our next newsletter we will devote extensive attention to the programm.
Save the date! June 6
location: The glazen ruimte of chef Ramon Beuk in Maarssen.

Finger licking!
Last month we have worked for a very yummie player in the Food industry. Inspiring research with innovative results. A finger-licking task....

Say potato, say Agrico
For Agrico a famous Dutch potatoe brand Katja presented an installation around two new breeds Volare and Arizona. The starting point was to experiment with a scientific approach. The examination of the skin, texture, volume, decomposed to the core. The supposedly everyday potatoe brought many tasty facts to the surface.

Louise O. Fresco and Katja Gruijters Taste the Cycle!
The 5 year anniversary academic cultural Centrum SPUI25 gave a few eminent persons carte blanche. Louise O. Fresco invited Katja Gruijters, for a dialog around Art, Design and Science. It was a tasteful, inspiring and crowded evening in Spui25 the academic heart of Amsterdam.

The introduction of her TED talk Fresco characterizes as "a powerful thinker and globe-trotting advisor on sustainability ', which she illustrates in weekly lectures and statements everywhere around the world and in the Netherlands among others in her column in NRC Handelsblad. Food and the many different ways to deal with them and to watch them is the central theme in her scientific thinking and doing. Recently she launched her book "Hamburgers in paradise".

For Katja Gruijters food is the matter with which she communicates and makes it visual. As a designer, she let’s people think about the various aspects of food: origin, tastes, and habits. Therewith she tries to deliver a positive contribution to our food culture. At the same time she seeks to raise awareness of society issues such as biodiversity and sustainability.

Carte Blanche: Louise O. Fresco Monday 1 October 2012,
http://www.spui25.nl/ Amsterdam. 

Dutch Embassy Madrid
The Dutch embassy in Madrid invited Katja to develop a food performance with Dutch fruit and vegetables during the international fruit and vegetable fair Fruit Attraction. The Dutch horticultural stands for innovative, safe, sustainable and fresh products. During an interactive performance and parade "Mas con Menos" (more for less) Katja emphasized on an inventive way quality, taste, shape and creativity. Where a small country stands big!

100th anniversary of NVVH-woman network

At the 10th of October the 100th anniversary of the NVVH-woman network was celebrated with hundreds of women in the Beatrix Theater Utrecht. The theme chosen was "Sustainable thinking and acting". Jan Terlouw spoke about sustainability and Katja gave a lecture about food waste. Katja: " Giving a lecture for 900 women who have so much knowledge about our food-culture was a source of inspiration."

Second Sight October nummer – Infinity
The Second Sight’s latest edition named ‘Infinity’ wil be launched on the 24 of October. Katja writes yet another inspiring article about cycle methods.

Summer workshop, Boisbuchet
A video about the food design workshop led by Katja Gruijters.
Have a date with nature

Workshop Premsela's Els van der Plas
Last week we celebrated a very nice party at the studio. Els van der Plas waved goodbye as director of Premsela. At least 25 guests were present at this glorious evening with a workshop and delicious food and drinks.
With great concentration beautiful vegetables were decomposed with scalpels, the seeds removed, re-thought and assigned with new functions.
A breathtaking task followed by a savory soup prepared in a variety of hay boxes. The dessert was an installation of hangup where selfservice made it possible to add lots of fruity
stuff. There was time for long chatting at this festive warm summer evening.

Book Katja Gruijters by Speakers Academy® and second sight

'Bringing Knowledge to the World' is the mission statement of Speakers Academy®, Speakers Academy® takes care of bookings for prominent scientists, politicians, artists, (former) top athletes, journalists and CEOs. Katja is available in the categories Art & Culture, , Innovation & Creativity, Lifestyle, Nature, Science, Successful Entrepreneurs (female), Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Trends, More info

Second Sight Trendplatform
For the upcoming Second Sight magazine Katja wrote an interesting view on the topic "Connecting". She herself is also connected with Second Sight as a visionary speaker on the topic Food! Second Sight is a platform for trends and trend forecasting. With magazines, a blog, database, meetings, concerts and Trend Academy, they give insight into the key trends and developments and provide inspiration. More info

Taste explosions in a pop-up restaurant
We added a new movie to our website Beautiful by nature. Curious? Take a look and click here

New production flower candy
Why do we make flower displays when there are over 500 kinds of flowers that we could eat? In other cultures it's quite normal to eat flowers: from violet ice cream in France to chrysanthemum tea in China. Sweet velvet is a collection of flower sweets in three varieties: rose petals, violets and lavender buds.

At the moment, we are working on a new production of flowers candy 'Sweet Velvet'. We will let you know when they are ready to eat and enjoy.

What does green taste like? Or purple?
A new project and film is added to the website, Pantone color menu. The menu at the opening of a new design subsidiary gave guests the opportunity to find out. Ground green pistachios. Purple truffle potatoes. Fresh red cranberries. It all provided a wonderful combination of colours, from savoury to sweet. The Pantone Colour Menu was filmed by the Dutch TV programme Tegenlicht (VPRO channel). Client: Hospitality Consultancy 2008.

Katja Gruijters for ‘de Natuurhoeve’

Dairy ‘De Natuurhoeve’ in Benschop make delicious  products, from traditional yoghurt, pudding to old-fashioned curd. The ‘Natuurhoeve’, situated in the green heart of the Netherlands, cares for product, people, animals and nature. The company developed a sustainable step by step program with their farmers towards a better life for man and cow.
On the 20th of April, the sustainability program and a new product will be introduced. Katja Gruijters has been invited to give her views on ‘taste and sustainability’. Katja also will show an experiment that zooms in on those themes. For the cows it is also party-time, because in spring it is time to dance in the meadow.

Cookbook for insects
The cultivation of insects seems to be much more durable than the production of meat. In the Netherlands and Belgium it is possible to buy grasshoppers meal and buffalo worms for culinary purchase. The new insect cookbook (Atlas Publishing Contact) appears on 17th of April and contains delicious recipes and plenty of facts and interviews with chefs, growers and nutritionists.

Quote: Interview with Katja Gruijters for The Cookbook of Insects:
In the Dutch culture, insects are strangers to us. "If I bring you a grasshopper now, you would not say: 'ah delicious'. So there is a lot to develop. While the old famous shrimp cocktail is a classic, we find it strange to serve a grasshopper salad. "How to change that? "I have eaten many grasshoppers already," Katja Gruijters shrugs her shoulders. "In Thailand it is very common." How do you ensure that in the Netherlands we will find insects as common as shrimp? In other words: How do you make them accessible to a broad audience?

Food Design Inspiration Session
What is the right direction for your company, which markets are open and where to use your product, brand or concept. What is the origin of your product, brand or service? What are the stories interesting for your business. How can you strengthen your position within it? What is sustainable about your product? During an inspiration session Gruijters gives you feedback and inspiration together with new ideas and future directions.

Already many major players in the foodservice and food, and also the design, art and culture world have been inspired by Katja Gruijters approach. The inspiration is interesting session for marketing, product creation, management, and organization, in short, anyone who is looking for innovation and trends in the food industry.


In advance, a homework assignment will be given to all participants.
Inspiration Lecture
A peek into the kitchen of Katja Gruijters, she talks about her projects, products and vision about food and drinks. About how food can help in successful design concept development and innovation and of course she will show many examples from her practice.
Time for an inspiring and tasty lunch!
Inspiration / trend tour
Katja takes you along the most popular food street in the Netherlands. During the tour, Katja her knowledge and expertise of trends, design and food are at use.
Concept brainstorm
The inspiration is summarized and translated into concrete first ideas during a brainstorm Concepts are developed and presented.
End of session
Guests depart with a souvenir of an inspiring session of food designer Katja Gruijters!

For more information please contact office(at)katjagruijters(dot)nl

Trend Vision by Katja Gruijters
Food Designer Katja Gruijters has a strong intuition when it comes to eating and drinking. She was one of the first food designers from the Netherlands, and set the tone in a huge field that now emerging. Katja shakes, identifies and explores the boundaries between food, science, technology, culture, nature and design. It requires a structured and process-oriented approach to bring innovation projects on course and translate food trends into long-term concepts. Through her broad experience in the profession, this is exactly where Katja Gruijters stands out.

With TREND VISION Katja has developed a research method which devise a foundation for her influential lectures and consultancies. For more information and prices please click here

QUOTE in the Dutch Quality newspaper Volkskrant 2011 by Matthea Westerduin
"Over ten years ago, Katja Gruijters put 'food designer' on her business card. Gruijters was the first to use this word and food design has become an industry. "

Lace egg by Albert Heijn Excellent
In 2010 chocolate manufacturer Italo Suisse asked Katja to develop fair trade easter eggs with various structures. Her ideas were received with much enthusiasm. The chocolate lace egg currently is to find in the Albert Heijn under the label Excellent, and has already been drafted by a major supermarket chain in the UK.
Client: Italo Suisse, 2010 (Belgium).

Food from the sea at the BioVak fair

Seaweed is the ingredient of the future. Atlantica new product line with 17 fresh seaweed products were presented today and yesterday at the BioVak fair. Katja Gruijters studio developed together with the producer Libra the new product line. Curious? Atlantica products; fresh tapenade, vinaigrette and a variety of fresh seaweeds are available at Dutch, Belgium, French nature food stores.

Workshop Natural Innovation

Katja Gruijters organized a food design workshop for the Ministry of Information, Culture and Arts of Singapore. They organized this event to introduce local designers to this new design discipline. Katja Gruijters asked FLEX to co-moderate. During a 4-day workshop the participants developed eight food concepts resulting in a successful exhibition with edible mock-ups. They learned to think sustainable, experiment with the shape, taste and texture of food and to integrate packaging and communication into their concept. And we learned a lot about the fantastic local food culture! Photography Marcel Verkaik

10th anniversary celebration!
Studio Katja Gruijters is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We recently raised a glass with friends, family and business contacts. We’ve also launched two brand new websites: one for the Studio, plus a site for Katja Gruijters’ new project ‘Mooi van Nature’ (Beautiful by Nature). New work, exciting experiments, the latest developments, it’s all there to be seen and enjoyed. Both on this new site and at www.mooivannature.com.
Curious? Then read on!

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